Address verification

Address verification is the need of the day as it authenticates and proves the genuineness of a person. Risk Richter verifies details such as name of a person, relationship, ownership details of the house and period of stay in that particular location and matches it to the details provided by the person.

Who requires our address verification services?

■ If you are getting married to a person staying in a different city or abroad
■ A landlord who wants to authenticate your tenant's identity
■ A tenant who wants to verify their landlord's authenticity
■ If you are an employer and want to verify an employee's address
■ Mobile phone service providers.
■ Internet Service Providers.
■ Banks which give loan
■ Credit card Companies

Our Process

■Our field staff verifies a candidate's address by personally visiting the site of residence.
■In case of a person not being present at the specified address, information is gathered from neighbours and another day is chosen to visit the specified address

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