Asset Search

Assets can be held in many different ways making even the average asset search a complicated process. Frequently when someone is actively hiding their assets to avoid the reach of a debtor, ex-wife or the like, they utilise things like shell corporations, relative and trusts to hold legal ownership of the assets. These efforts accomplish their task and make finding any assets considerably more difficult. Effectively, a search for one individual's assets leads to searching for assets held in many places. Like with any investigation, the more places we have to search, the greater the cost.

Aside from how the assets are held, they come in many forms. Cash is the impossible thing to locate and attach to an owner. Physical assets like vehicles, water craft, airplanes, buildings are titled to some person or entity making ownership relatively easy to determine once the asset is located. Ownership of a business is much the same way. Bank accounts, investment accounts and the like are also registered to a person or business, but are much harder to locate because the owners identity is intentionally designed to be kept private by the financial institution. It is also important to know that our firm does not attempt to obtain tax information or filings and such activity is illegal.

Risk Richter has the requisite manpower to serve you in this area.

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